Medium, Schmedium. We're going to reach your customers, one way or the other.


Mobile platform

We know how to reach your
customers on the go.

We're not black-turtleneck-sporting Apple loyalists, nor are we proclaimers of Google superiority. iPhone or Android, or whatever you're thinking, we can create content for your mobile site, application, game or just about anything else that can go on a mobile device. We'll help distribute it, too.

  • iOS / Android Developers
  • Online or Offline Applications
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Consumer and Enterprise


From handheld tablet to 9-foot wall.
Impressive on any scale.

We take your content - from printed pieces, websites, whatever - and make it touchable. For a meeting or a tradeshow. A consumer or a sales team. On an iPad or a touch wall. Or anything in between.

  • Application Development
  • Single or Multi-User
  • Custom Animation / 3D
  • Touchscreen / PC / iPad
Touch Hardware Image

Digital Publishing

Mobile platform

A great way to bring life and
energy to your content.

There's a lot of technical jargon we could throw out here to help explain it, but let's just keep it simple: it's a great way to get more life out of your existing content - without the big budget or timelines of full-blown app development.

  • Righ Interactive Experiences
  • Video, Audio, and 3D Integration
  • Publish To Multiple Formats
  • Public and Private Distribution

What is digital publishing?

By adding image galleries, 3D, audio, video, social integration, and even more bells and whistles, you can deliver a dynamic and engaging user experience by consolidating the various content you've already created into an exciting new package.

From your latest corporate newsletter to your oldest product overview brochure, breathe new life into your communication through digital publishing. Combining your content with our eye for design and technical know-how can create quite the compelling combination for even the most media-savvy consumer or colleague.

Format Options

There are several ways to deliver this brand spanking new digital content that you're just itching to create, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. But don't fret - Vision3 can help you determine which method is the perfect fit for your company's distribution needs.

See it for Yourself


A slick yet simple system for creating and distributing your digital content. This one is obviously for iPads only, but the performance speaks for itself

  • Real-time 3D objects for engrossing interactivity
  • Quizzes, hotspots, Keynote and more
  • Rich accessibiltiy options including full VoiceOver support
  • Public (iBook Store) and private methods of distribution

Download a sample iBook

Please download this file directly, through your iPad.
*Requires free Apple iBooks application to view


Using the latest in web technology, Vision3 can craft a mobile application that is available in your browser or your tablet. With options for both online and offline use, the reach of this method is only limited by your imagination.

  • Integrate with your device's hardware features: touch, camera, location, etc...
  • Flexible codebase allows for incredible richness or streamlined simplicity
  • Design adapts for the right look on the right device
  • Advanced JavaScript allows for deep functionality if required

Download a sample HTML5 App

Please download this file directly through your iPad.

Adobe Digital Publishing

Adobe joins the field with robust support for all those print files you've already invested in, and an exciting way to build rich interactive publications for the future. These files can be distributed to your iPad, Kindle Fire and many other Android tablets.

  • Adaptive layouts that look consistently great from device to device
  • Harness HTML5, along with images and video, to create interaction
  • Add cool native features like Social Sharing, Bookmarking, and analytics

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No, we don't build magnets
into these things.

So it turns out that this Touch stuff is so much fun that people want to take it with them. We can appreciate that. Introducing a packable, freestanding interactive display that draws customers like magnets.

  • Multi-User Widescreen TouchWall
  • Mobile Touchscreen Kiosks
  • Integrated / Interactive Floating Glass
  • Custom Hardware Solutions
Hardware Image


Monitor Image

Websites, microsites, blogs.
Yup, we do it all very well.

Whiz-bang Flash fanciness? Oh yeah. Barebones content-management setups? Got that covered too. HTML 5, PHP, .NET, CSS... really there's not much the human mind can concieve that we can't make - or make better.

  • Custom CMS Solutions
  • Rich Flash Experiences
  • HTML5, PHP, .NET
  • Video Integration