Stanley Edge

Stanley Security Sales & Marketing Experience

Stanley Security had a similar problem to many companies today – an expansive solution-based product line and a diverse sales force without a consistent message.


Would a custom interactive experience be right for you?

Looking for a unique way to visualize their products in a solution-driven manner, Stanley partnered with VisionThree to bring that concept to life. Using a fully interactive, custom 3D cityscape as our unifying element to tie in the various vertical markets Stanley is focused on, we created 3D walkthroughs of key locations through the city that show real-life use cases of Stanley’s solutions. This solution is currently being used in their showrooms, tradeshows and by sales reps across the world.

Facts & Features

  • Client: Stanley Security
  • Interactive 3D city navigation
  • Complete content management system
  • Responsive application design & framework
  • Custom sketchpad tool for site planning
  • Integration with Stanley’s existing authentication process
  • Marketo and Salesforce integration for data tracking
  • Ability to localize content for world-wide usage
  • Continued growth in expanding application’s reach
  • Proven success at tradeshows and in showroom