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V3REALITY is a high-value VR solution for recruiting, sales and training. V3 develops your premium, customized VR content and pairs that content with our proprietary software, hardware, and premium support. The result is a globally-scalable, maximum-impact business solution that is easy to use, faster to launch, and ROI driven.

V3TOUCH™ is a stunning touch screen interactive solution for marketing & sales and works as a partner product with V3REALITY™ to deliver your message better, faster and more effectively. V3TOUCH™ was inspired by real-world clients who wanted a fast, scalable & flexible way to bring their stories to life through the engaging power of touch interactive technology.

Our proprietary Solutions Are:

ROI Focused

Globally Scalable

Faster to Launch

Multi-Industry Capable



Partnership is a term often times used too frequently when describing relationships with solution-based companies/agencies. However, with VisionThree they define the term partner.

Over the years while working on various projects, they have been in tune with what we want as a client. VisionThree can anticipate our needs and provide solutions with options to help Siemens Low Voltage Products reach our goals. Nothing is more exciting than sitting in a room with their creative team and collaborating on ideas. What begins as a germ of an idea can and has grown into wonderful content that can be used across multiple platforms with our customers.

Dave Quatela

North American Marketing Manager, Siemens

who is visionthree?

We are the immersive experts.

V3 has been building bespoke immersive experiences for business since before the dawn of the iPhone. Over the past 20 years, our blue-chip clientele have inspired us to create high-value Virtual Reality and Touch Interactive solutions. Our holistic approach delivers powerful, scalable and flexible ways to connect with recruits, prospects and team members, regardless of geography.

18 years of building relationships WITH OUR CLIENT PARTNERS


Founded in 2003, in Indianapolis, IN, U.S.A., our team has always been at the center of everything we do. Our philosophy is simple. VisionThree is focused on combining visual design, software development, and user experience in a way that maximizes results of engagement, ROI, sales, and success. 

This careful mixture of creative and technology begins with the founding partners of V3 and cascades throughout the entire company. That mixture certainly shapes the work we do.

V3 strives to create and maintain relationships with our clients. We don’t want a “one and done” mentality. Everything we do is centered in helping our client partners achieve their goals this time, next time, and every time.


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