A Brief Note on Things To Come

Here at Vision Three, we’ve always been a company that has strived to stay on the cutting edge of technology, with both hardware and software solutions. In my 10 years here, I’ve been fortunate to have countless opportunities to discover new techniques and solutions for pretty much every project I’ve been involved with, large and small. For us, discovery usually happens between projects, however it can also take place concurrently with client work, especially if they are on board with integrating something new into their product. So when these opportunities arise, we jump into them without hesitation.

Being on the cutting edge has different meanings for different people. We’ve found that having some fundamental knowledge of what the solution is – how it can benefit our clients first and foremost – is key to increasing the breadth of our capabilities and service offerings. Simply scratching the surface on something new, and demonstrating a core understanding of it, is often enough to open the door to new possibilities.

Creating experiences is what we are passionate about. To that end, we have started a more focused initiative on experimentation and prototyping with various high-tech gadgets and SDKs, which leads to unique software solutions and hardware advancements. This post is just the beginning of exciting things to come!

The Microsoft Hololens is a virtual reality headset unlike any other currently available.

The user is able to see through the visor into the real world, with virtual content overlaying the room they are standing in. This is also known as augmented reality, or the description I prefer – mixed reality. The Hololens’ hardware uses a technique known as spatial mapping, which allows virtual objects to be set on a desk, or hung on a wall.


We’ve been aware of the possibilities of Hololens for quite some time, and have recently been digging in to discover how it could help our clients communicate their messages in new, engaging ways. In the past, companies have relied on us to create applications to view hotspots floating around a 3D model of their product. The user would rotate the model with a touch screen to view different angles, and tap the hotspots to learn more about key features. While these experiences are informative, they aren’t exactly revolutionary.

This following prototype was created to explore new possibilities for conveying the same information in a brand new way. We are just using a box in this demo, but you can imagine something else – such as a car at a trade show, a dinosaur fossil in a museum, a jet engine for a training solution – and so much more.