VisionThree partners to create a memorable immersive experience that will tour Indiana as part of its bicentennial celebration.

VisionThree and Sensory Technologies, both headquartered in Indianapolis, are known for their unique approach to designing experiences through the use of technology and engaging interactive applications. The most recent example of their partnership is The Bicentennial Experience, a technology-infused mobile museum unveiled last Friday at the Indiana State Fairgrounds by the Indiana Office of Tourism Development (IOTD).

Governor Mike Pence gives the open remarks at the unveiling of the Bicentennial Experience.

Hoosier visitors are encouraged to reminisce and dream as they interact with several captivating touch displays, customized programming, compelling visual imagery, and immersive audio – all featuring iconic Indiana sights and sounds. The seamless integration of audio-video capabilities and interactive design allows for a rich story to emerge within the mobile unit.

The self-contained mobile unit will reside at the Indiana State Fair for three weeks, before visiting communities across the state. It will be making stops in many of the cities on the bicentennial torch relay route, covering over 3200 miles.

“We’re excited to be a part of this amazing experience that brings Hoosier pride to life,” said Jeff White, partner at VisionThree. “Reaching today’s audiences can be difficult. Through a creative blend of intuitive design and engaging interactive content, we are able to successfully connect with visitors young and old. This compelling interactive prompts them to explore and learn more about our state’s rich history and exciting future.”

VisionThree guided the creative concepting for the overall experience, helping to bring cohesion to the initial vision. Brainstorming with Sensory Technologies on creative and technical solutions for telling these rich stories was crucial to the success of this experience. Successfully combining exciting and engaging interactive content with robust, well-engineered technology has proven to be key for these companies continued partnership over the past three years.

The Bicentennial Experience contains 6 different exhibits areas in total. Visitors begin by exploring Indiana’s stunning landscapes, historical sites and modern attractions in the Indiana Treasures space, using an engaging photo-viewing application that arranges images from all over the state in a dynamic shape matching the state’s, loosely positioned according to their real-life locations. VisionThree brought these otherwise static images to life, imbibing the display with a sense of energy and movement.

Visitors enjoy learning more about Indiana's natural resources, historical landmarks and beautiful scenery.

Visitors are then guided through an Indiana Leads display, which educates them on the people who helped put Indiana on the map. The next area, Indiana Grows, brings our rich agricultural heritage to life using bold imagery, peek-a-boo discovery panels and a smell station.

Indiana Innovates highlights many remarkable Hoosier inventions and products with actual artifacts, while also covering the state’s production and technology history through three looping video stations, each focusing on a different area.

In the Indiana Inspires area, visitors are invited to explore a visual database of some well known – and some not-so-famous – faces. Touching these photos brings up more information about these notable Hoosiers, denoting both their accomplishments and which part of the state they are from. VisionThree paid careful consideration to making sure that every touch interaction springs to life with dynamic animation and content reveals.

Visitors explore famous Indiana faces.

The last area, Indiana Unites, is the finale for the exhibit, engaging visitors through a powerfully inspiring video that celebrates our past, present and future.

These experiences, both active and passive, combine to create a memorable experience for each visitor. The Bicentennial Experience as a whole focuses on the pride we should have as Hoosiers in our rich history and bright future. VisionThree is proud to be an Indiana company that has helped achieve this compelling experience for residents of our entire state. One that truly embraces our motto: “Experiences Matter.

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