Inspired by a demo released from Google late last year, we decided to take a crack at what it would take to create a similar experience.

Our testing results were positive, as we were able to get very good performance using WebSockets and GreenSock.  This demo is performed using an iPad, iPhone and a MacBook Pro.

Connecting to the server in this demo was accomplished manually by entering an IP address into a text field on the mobile devices, however it would be possible to use QR codes or a similar approach to connect without having to enter anything at all.  By pointing your device’s camera at a code either on or near the display, the connection could be established instantly.

Practical applications are only limited by the imagination.  One example is a video wall that encourages all bystanders to connect and interact with their phones, enabling them to control the content simultaneously, or even go head-to-head and battle other players.  Such content could be located in a stadium or airport concourse, providing a steady stream of users to the experience. This could generate some buzz to attract future visitors, and leave a lasting impression on your current ones.