VisionThree creates a dynamic 3D version of proposed downtown redevelopment for the City of Greenwood.

VisionThree, headquartered in Indianapolis, is known for its unique approach to designing experiences through the use of technology and engaging interactive applications. The most recent example of this is the A City with Vision Experience, a 2D and 3D interactive presentation experience unveiled Tuesday at Greenwood’s City Center by Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers.

Residents, community leaders, local business owners, and potential developers are encouraged to learn more about Greenwood’s business advantages and development opportunities through this presentation. Here they will interact with dynamic content that has been brought to life on the screen through subtle animations, photo galleries and an interactive 3D version of the proposed downtown redevelopment. These visually compelling content areas combine to tell a rich story about Greenwood’s many current opportunities and vision for future growth.

This interactive experience will reside on multiple touch screen displays throughout the City Center located downtown, as well as on iPads used by city officials while on the road. This flexibility is central to delivering the story of where Greenwood is going in as many ways as possible to a variety of audiences.

“What we created for Greenwood made the Mayor’s announcement and plans much more impactful to stakeholders and media. This is another example of how VisionThree goes far beyond the typical PowerPoint to make powerful and engaging presentations.”



VisionThree worked with Greenwood city officials to develop a clear picture of the content this experience needed to cover in order to tell their story successfully.

VisionThree’s creative team then led the concepting and presentation design, working hand in hand with their development team to make sure each content area was both engaging and easy to use. Successfully combining exciting and engaging interactive content with robust, well-engineered application development has been central to VisionThree’s success over the years.

The City with Vision Experience contains 4 different content areas in total. Presenters begin by exploring Greenwood’s current features based on current development and its location within the state and Mid-West. From there, users can learn more about the city’s vision and philosophy towards its future growth, as well as explore a section dedicated to the 5 major development initiatives currently underway. The final section is a 3D centerpiece completely devoted to the downtown redevelopment project, where users can explore the various projects and concepts that have been both planned and completed.

These experiences, both active and passive, combine to create a memorable experience for each visitor. The City with Vision Experience, as a whole, focuses on the commitment and vision the City of Greenwood has in its development, both past, present, and future. VisionThree is proud to have helped achieve this compelling experience for this sister city. One that truly embraces our motto: “Experiences Matter.”

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