VisionThree is getting excited for the debut of two Virtual Reality (VR) experiences this week at the 90th annual FDIC International tradeshow, here in Indianapolis.

VR and tradeshows are a perfect combination. Creating fun, memorable experiences that allow attendees to do things they normally couldn’t with products or services in a tradeshow environment is something VR excels at. We’ve been hard at work for the past month creating two engaging VR experiences for this years FDIC show. Here’s a quick preview!

This massive stage will hold two independent VR experiences for Globe.

For Globe Turnout Gear, makers of athletic gear for firefighters, we’ve created a roof trenching VR experience that will test their speed and accuracy when swinging an axe to manually vent a roof!

They’ll get completely dressed up in Globe’s Athletix gear, climb a ladder onto the stage and our physical roof prop, then don the VR headset and axe to experience the game – all in an effort to experience the freedom and flexibility of their gear. It’s going to be hot!

[ Booth 2411 ]

Akron Brass is using real hoses and nozzles combined with a VR environment.

Akron Brass Company carries a broad array of firefighting equipment.

Of note this year is their UltraJet nozzle – a revolutionary and practical upgrade to standard hose nozzles. And when physically spraying with the nozzle using real water in the booth didn’t work out, Akron turned to us to recreate a water-spraying experience focused on the ease of use of the UltraJet nozzle. To do that, we created a game-like virtual target range where attendees will spray various practice targets while they switch through and learn the four nozzle settings. Once complete, they enter a challenge mode where they have to use those sprays to fight some vehicle fires that drop from the sky around them! It’s exciting and fun, and sure to be a (water) blast!

[ Booth 1805 ]

If you’re attending the show, visit our experience at either booth and see what the VR fuss is all about first hand. If you can’t make it, stay tuned for in-depth updates on each of these exciting projects in the coming weeks!