VisionThree creates an axe-wielding VR experience showcasing the freedom and flexibility of Athletix Turnout Gear for Globe.

VisionThree has taken its unique approach to designing interactive experiences into the world of Virtual Reality. The most recent example of this is Globe’s VR Trench Race, a 3D VR experience that puts attendees in the role of a roof-bound firefighter as they seek to quickly trench a roof for ventilation.

From its premier spot across from the exhibit hall’s main entrance, Globe and our tradeshow partner Hamilton Exhibits did a fantastic job making sure this experience would be noticed. Two large LED displays, along with the sounds of pounding axes, immediately grabbed attention as attendees entered the exhibition hall.

Upon entering Globe’s booth, attendees were able to try on Globe’s new Athletix line of turnout gear – pants, jacket and boots. Once they were suited up, they were able to participate in the VR experience by climbing an 8’ ladder onto the stage. After stepping onto a physical roof prop and donning the Vive headset, they were handed a modified axe handle with a Vive Tracker attached to it – which, in VR, looked exactly like a real firefighting axe.

Setup for a corner of the Globe booth, featuring VR on stage.

The VR experience itself opened on a virtual roof, with the roar of a house fire below them and the sounds and lights of sirens surrounding the participants. After brief instructions, participants were challenged to trench a line in the roof for ventilation as quickly as they could. The application tracked the number of strikes and the total time it took as a measure of their success.

This experience was a huge success. Constant lines. Smiles before and after. And Globe did an amazing job fleshing out the entire attendee experience around the VR.”



VisionThree worked with Globe’s team to ensure that this experience incorporated a realistic, yet gamified scenario that would resonate with actual firefighters, in order to show off their gear successfully. 

VisionThree’s designers and developers worked together to create an exciting visual environment in this virtual space, while paying special attention to making sure it was simple and easy to use. This focus on User Experience (UX) design has been pivotal in ensuring that V3’s unique experiences are successful once released into the wild.

Attendees in full gear climb onto the stage for their turn in VR

Globe took extra measure on their end as well to ensure that this VR experience was setup for success from the moment visitors walked in, making it a visual centerpiece within their booth. From the physical setup – with its extra tall stage and the large LED screens – to the visitor experience surrounding the VR activity, attendees were incentivized to help overcome any anxiety about trying VR for the first time in such a public manner. Along with allowing them to dress up in the full gear and climb the ladder, attendees were allowed to participate in a charity donation on behalf of Globe to a 911 memorial fund and received a free t-shirt after completing the VR experience.

Working on such an entertaining and fun VR experience has been a great learning experience all around. From crucial UX interactions and UI design challenges within a 360º environment, VisionThree’s designers and developers are excited to continue their growth within this new technological frontier. We’re fond of our motto “Experiences Matter” – and never has that been more true than within Virtual Reality.

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