VisionThree was proud and excited to welcome over 50 Experience Makers into our humble abode this past Tuesday evening. This group, primarily focused on user experience design in all forms, seeks to “inspire, educate, and design a better Indianapolis.”

This VR talk, led by Partner & Strategy Director Jake Leeman, centered around what V3 has seen and experienced professionally in the VR space here in the Midwest over the past year.

Highlights included an overview of the rapidly growing AR/VR market – projected by TechCrunch to hit $108 billion by 2021 – and a discussion on the various technology and hardware sales and advancements in the Virtual Reality space over the past year. As this technology continues to mature, and hardware becomes cheaper and more readily available, we will begin to see VR spread to the masses within the next year or two.

Experience Makers participated in three VR demos of actual projects.

Jake also covered the three areas of business interest that V3 has seen spike over the past six months: Brand Experiences, Product Demonstrations, and Education & Training. The discussion around each of these areas included an overview of three VR-based case studies for actual paid VR projects V3 has completed since January.

  1. Brand Experiences: Creating immersive environments, activities and experiences centered around brand activation and engagement with consumers
  2. Product Demonstrations: Showcasing virtual products, services or systems that are too small, large, complicated or costly to demonstrate in real life
  3. Education & Training: Utilizing a virtual environment to supplement current training & education initiatives for manufacturing, engineering, etc.
The talk concluded with some UX tips and tricks that the V3 team has learned from during our design and development on recent VR projects:
  1. KISS: VR is still new to most users
  2. Create simple & clear UI Design, tasks, & objectives within the space
  3. Design for the virtual environment users need (180º, 360º)
  4. Keep the experience short & focused (1-2 minutes)
  5. Ease your users into the experience (Acclimation Period)
  6. Don’t forget about actual reality (the space, the gear, etc.)
  7. Test, test and more testing; what can go wrong, will go wrong

VisionThree is thrilled to share our knowledge and experience of this exciting and growing space with other creative professionals here in Indianapolis. Virtual Reality is here to stay, and we’re glad to be a part of creating amazing VR experiences right here in the Midwest!

Interested in getting a private demo of our VR work? Call or email us ( to schedule your own VR experience soon!