Hundreds of millions of customers will be able to use AR for the first time, so we're bringing it to mainstream. We're taking the complex and making it simple … we want everybody to be able to use AR.
Tim Cook

CEO, Apple

At their 2017 keynote last week, Apple revealed the newest iterations of their flagship products.

The highly anticipated iPhone X boasts a “new generation” of iPhone. It is equipped with two cameras, creating Augmented Reality opportunities previously unheard of in a consumer-marketed handheld device.

In addition to new hardware, Apple is betting big on the new ARKit (pronounced “A.R. kit”) software, which will be integrated into new devices and the newest iOS update. Developers are already releasing impressive demos that show off this powerful software, even on devices that are not equipped with the camera/sensor powerhouse combo of the iPhone X.

With the introduction of such powerful AR capabilities to a consumer-marketed device, we predict that more industries will be utilizing AR to customize solutions for far wider-reaching audiences. From training to sales, new opportunities are appearing for companies to showcase their potential on a much broader scale.

VisionThree is excited to continue to tap into this new frontier of AR technology. We’ve already seen success with iPad applications featuring AR technology as a tool for visualizing realistic architecture and building components.

We have also seen success with sales applications that showcase AR technology to allow customers to visualize products and solutions in a physical, more personal way.

The robust new hardware of the iPhone X offers better, faster AR capabilities, and opens a world of new opportunities for VisionThree to offer more complex solutions in an ever increasingly techno-centric culture.

Apple’s widespread release of ARKit in iOS 11 means that AR software will be in the hands of millions of people in the most accessible means yet. And with Google hot on Apple’s heels with their own software, ARCore, we here at V3 are excited to see and participate in the growth of this platform as developers (like us!) tap into its potential.

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