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VisionThree is paving the way for a new, innovative, and better way to show your product to your customers. It’s unique, memorable, and effective and super tech-forward. All of our custom created VR environments integrate your brand – creating a lifelike experience in a virtual world. Although each experience can be different, traditional sales measures like presentations, panels, displays still exist in these immersive, virtual sales environments. It’s the perfect way to visualize complex and hyper-detailed solutions. This new way of selling using VR is guaranteed to leave an impression. 

  • Business interactions unlike any others – goodbye Zoom!
  • Creates impactful and memorable sales presentations
  • Customized virtual environments using your company’s brand

Interactive Product Demonstration

VisionThree has created a way to overcome obstacles that standard sales meetings present. Showcasing large and complex products or solutions is no longer a liability with our immersive and interactive virtual sales environments. These settings allow for incredible, advanced visualization techniques, such as 3D product model explosions, cross-sectioning, and so much more that is otherwise impossible in the “real world”. VisionThree makes the impossible – possible

  • Immersive demonstrations = remarkable memorable interaction
  • Advanced visualizations techniques create for highly-complex engineering solutions
  • Stylized environment creates engaged prospects

Multiple Locations, One Experience

You can be in completely different parts of the world, and still meet up in the same “physical” space with VisionThree’s VR environments. An intensely more personal and individual experience than a Zoom call, with the flexibility of physical distancing in today’s world. Our product demonstration technology enables your sales force to connect with prospects on a deeper level, because it combines the feeling of realistic environments with sound with the effectiveness of immersive interaction – while never leaving the office. 

  • Meet with anyone anytime regardless of real world location
  • Reduction in travel expenses and shipping costs
  • More personal and welcoming environment than a Zoom call

Instant Competitive Advantage

Your company is constantly looking to you to advance technology within it. And your customers rely on you to always integrate that technology. VisionThree gives you a leg up on your competition, because it means you are setting yourself apart as a trailblazer of innovative technology. The fact is, your competition is going to adopt some sort of VR-based solution. And while you can't own innovation, you CAN own it first! 

  • Your company perceived as a leader in innovative technology
  • Immediate competitive advantage against others
  • Focuses brand image on tech-forward thinking

Premium Onboarding + Deployment

We know there is sometimes a resistance to adoption of new tech. The hardware may seem cumbersome or difficult to use. That’s why our team can handle the heavy lifting of integrating this VR solution into your organization. In addition to our included technical support, Premium Onboarding and Deployment (PODs) is V3’s way of guaranteeing you that we’ll be there every step of the way. Included with PODs is a personalized dry-run setup prior to each sales session, the handling and logistics of shipping and managing hardware for virtual sales meetings, and having real-time support during every presentation to resolve any potential issues. We also have tailored email campaigns helping you gain support inside your organization. 

  • V3 handles all logistics so you don’t have to
  • Customer technical support for every VR partner
  • PODs optimizes meeting volume + value by handling logistics and technical aspects
V3CORE Sales hardware and software are fully supported for the life of the agreement.

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The team at VisionThree understands there is a lot of information out there pertaining to virtual reality and its use in sales. We’re here to help you learn, understand, and distill myth from truth. If you’re interested in learning about evolving your sales strategy and bringing your organization tremendous value, please schedule a demo today!