Make Your Next Tradeshow Display Unforgettable

VisionThree enables your tradeshow team to go beyond physical limitations and demonstrate your entire product line, create a deeper understanding of your offerings, and set your company up as an innovative, tech-forward company.


VisionThree is paving the way for radically different and extremely effective tradeshow displays. All of our VR environments integrate your branding, products, and atmospheres into an extremely immersive and memorable  experience in a virtual world. It’s the perfect way to visualize complex, hyper-detailed equipment and create a sense of understanding that transcends real-world limits.

  • Radically different + extremely effective tradeshow displays
  • Integrates your branding, products, and atmospheres
  • Visualize complex, hyper-detailed equipment in complete immersion

Interactive Product Demonstration

VisionThree has created a way to overcome obstacles that standard tradeshow displays present. Showcasing large and complex equipment and technology is no longer a liability with our immersive and interactive virtual reality environments. These settings allow for incredible, advanced visualization techniques that are otherwise impossible in the “real world”.

  • Immersive demonstrations = remarkable interaction
  • Showcase large and complex equipment + technology
  • Advanced visualization techniques create deeper understanding

Multiple Locations, One Experience

Multiple people and products can be in completely different parts of the world and still virtually collaborate within VisionThree’s virtual reality environments. Rather than being limited to only bringing your newest or most technologically advanced equipment, the opportunity is endless with virtual reality. By bringing your products to life in an immersive virtual landscape, your tradeshow prospects are able to see your company’s entire offering – rather than a small portion. And because of that remote connectivity, you can always bring your best representatives to every show.

  • Bring all your equipment + technology to tradeshows via virtual reality
  • Reduce shipping and travel costs by meeting in VR
  • Always have your best sales reps available – regardless of physical location

Instant Competitive Advantage

VisionThree provides a unique way to stand out in a sea of tradeshow displays. A brand’s image is crucial to a company’s success in the digital age, and prospects value companies using the most advanced technology. Giving you a leg up on the competition, virtual reality tradeshow displays set your company apart as a trailblazer of innovative technology. Get away from swag and gimmicks and adopt a strategy that your customers will love and really sets you apart from your competitors.

  • Sets up your brand as a leader of innovative technology
  • Immediate competitive advantage against others
  • Focuses brand image on the tech-forward thinking your industry is known for


Even though it’s been around for years, VR has only recently entered the mainstream. It’s extremely exciting, but it’s also very new to some and there can be speedbumps with VR integration. VR is an incredibly effective selling tool when used to its fullest potential. That’s why we’re here for you. We can provide your reps with VR best practices, so they can present incredible demos with this solution while on the showfloor. We’re supporting you every step of the way. Your success is our success.

  • Booth personnel training
  • VR hardware + demo best practices
  • Setting you up for success at every show
V3CORE Sales hardware and software are fully supported for the life of the agreement.