BR725 Engine Training Powered by V3CORE


Virtual Reality

“Being able to work with Customers during a time of crisis is amazing! And before, there was no way I could ever train all 12 people over the course of a couple of weeks. With the VR solution, all of their technicians were able to complete the entire course.”
– Jason Whitman

Training Instructor, Rolls-Royce

A pandemic ensues…

Nothing Can Stop Rolls-Royce From Continued Training

Months prior to the global pandemic finding itself onto American soil, Rolls-Royce turned to VisionThree to innovate their training by integrating the V3CORE Training Platform. When the pandemic did strike, Rolls-Royce was ready. While other companies went dark to weather the storm, Rolls-Royce training did not stop. The V3CORE Training Platform allowed the instructor and students to meet safely for multiple class sessions. The secret weapon is the platform’s capability allowing users to train together in the virtual environment regardless of real-world geography. Instructor and students can see and hear each other in real time while interacting with the objects in VR safely and risk-free. The experience is so immersive and engaging users can actually forget they’re not standing next to one another. In the face of one of the world’s worst catastrophes, Rolls-Royce wasn’t just training, they were training BETTER.

The New Normal is demanding all sorts of changes to the way things are done.

Training is no exception. V3CORE Training is the future of training for all kinds of industries.

At the height of the virus, when entire industries were forced into shutdown, Rolls-Royce conducted several 2-day sessions. The class dealt with familiarization and basic maintenance operations for the BR725 engine powering the Gulfstream G650 aircraft. This curriculum was a VR Training class, not a class with some VR in it. Over the 2 days, users wore headsets in 30-minute blocks punctuated by breaks. With that amount of VR use, little to no ill-effects were reported by the classes.

A new platform

The ability to collaborate in VR environments is trivial without something meaningful to accomplish.

The additional features of the platform allow risk-free training with hyper-real visuals. Students visualize products and concepts in ways that are simply not possible in the non-virtual world. Rolls-Royce is already looking to build more curriculum into their BR725 training efforts as well as add training support for a number of entirely new engine products.


  • Networked training sessions in real time

  • Advanced Visualization – Advanced Explosion and Real-Time Cross-Section

  • Highly immersive environment allowing for on or off-wing engine training

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