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V3 is leading the industry in holistic, immersive solutions for our clients, delivering high value, exceptional quality, and global scalability. How do we do it? By layering your customized content into our proprietary, platform-based foundations and pairing that power with premium service, support, and white-glove concierge services.

Platform-Based Subscriptions

V3REALITY and V3TOUCH are designed to simplify and accelerate the launch of your customized, immersive content, all while providing powerful interactive tools to amplify your story and help you achieve your goals.


Premium Service, Updates + Support

Immersive hardware and software continue to evolve at a startling pace. So too does our collection of Platform-based solutions. Updates are pushed to our clients’ devices efficiently and with little-to-no service interruption. Whatever the need, our full-service support team has your back.

Expert Content Curation

Whether for sales, marketing, training, or recruiting, your content is king. The skilled content curation team at V3 has spent the last two decades developing stunning 2D and 3D content for our clients across multiple industries. Regardless of the application, the quality and uniqueness of your content make all the difference in bringing your story to life.


Presenter Coaching + Shared Best Practices

VR is a very powerful presentation tool allowing out-of-this-world ways to train, demo products, and recruit. That is why after your experience is created V3 works with you to provide training to your VR presenters. We focus on VR hardware and safety, Platform capabilities, your content, and overall best practices. This service aims to create Rockstar VR Presenters that help you achieve your goals – whether they be closing the deal, driving career engagement, or increasing the quality of your talent pipeline.



White-Glove VR Concierge Services

Now you really CAN be in two places at once. For our US-based V3REALITY clients, we offer an optional door-to-door white-glove concierge service, taking the guesswork – and more importantly the work – out of shipping headsets to prospects and recruits.

Billed by deployment, the process is simple:


You schedule a deployment


We sanitize, update, and ship your branded VR kits


Via Zoom/Teams, we efficiently help your prospect setup the hardware for use


You join the session to meet with your prospect in VR


Your client uses the prepaid return label to ship the kit back to us


Start the process over again beginning with scheduling a deployment

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