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Virtual Reality

Partnership is a term often times used too frequently when describing relationships with solution-based companies/agencies. However, with VisionThree they define the term partner. Over the years while working on various projects, they have been in tune with what we want as a client. VisionThree can anticipate our needs and provide solutions with options to help Siemens Low Voltage Products reach our goals. Nothing is more exciting than sitting in a room with their creative team and collaborating on ideas. What begins as a germ of an idea can and has grown into wonderful content that can be used across multiple platforms with our customers.

– Dave Quatela

Brand Strategy Manager, Siemens

The goals were simple.
Create a revolutionary training approach for a ‘set-in-their-ways' industry.

The approach had to be: more effective learning, easy to administer, cost-effective, and scalable. Working closely with the Siemens SME team, VisionThree put its structured process to work. With specific methods of operation to take in 3D CAD models and complicated procedure steps, the knowledge transfer became less of a mountain and more of the curriculum-based element it should be. A calculated plan of iterative steps was taken to ensure incremental progress in ways that made sense for such an innovative execution. Crawl. Walk. Run. Efforts like these do not arrive easy, however they also don’t have to be drenched in surprises either.

Enter the V3CORE Training Platform.

Over 2 years of development in the making, this provided the exact foundation of features and capabilities that Siemens needed for this training initiative to really take flight. Easy to navigate menus, controls, and the ability for hyper-real environments are in the platform for openers. The platform is a robust collection of functionalities that make it cost-effectiveness to create this type of content. The next platform feature to be integrated for Siemens use, is Global Networking. This capability will allow multiple people to share the virtual space, see and hear each other, while collaboratively exploring the VR training; all regardless of physical geography. It is a product of years of listening to what clients want and need while consistently not being able to afford.

Currently in Phase I
Siemens has a focused area of training set around one of their power solutions.

Procedure instruction in the VR solution shows learners how to outfit the panel with the various types of circuit breakers the panel can accommodate. Learners in the space read work instructions informing them of the steps to be taken (Teach me). If they wish, they can then watch a pre-formatted animation of the step (Show me). And most important interactively work through the step themselves (Let me try). Curriculum in the platform can be based around a single object like the above or set in a situation. The power panel is only the beginning for Siemens. The curriculum opportunities are boundless.

As significant as a training effort like this is, the Siemens footprint is larger.

Steps are underway with VisionThree to further populate the platform with other products and lessons. And if that wasn’t enough the VR hardware industry appears to have finally answered the bell of delivering a wireless, 6 Degrees of Freedom device. Thus, removing a sharp cost-prohibitive barrier for wide-scale uptake of VR in the enterprise setting.

The future is bright for Siemens as they usher in a new era in product training and customer outreach. VisionThree was honored to help them get there.

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