Mr. Hopler Goes to Washington

Mr. Hopler Goes to Washington

One of our own “Founding Fathers” traveled to our nation’s capital recently as VisionThree was hand-selected to showcase our Virtual Reality training solutions at the Manufacturing USA Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

This event was hosted by the House and Senate Manufacturing Caucuses, and was attended by several members of Congress and other Congressional staff. The event provided a unique opportunity to demonstrate samples of our innovative solutions that feature virtual “hands on” training.

(Please see this post to read more about our accomplishments in this influential tech.)

Feedback was conclusive. V3’s demonstration was the hit of the event. Surrounded by other tech innovators in areas such as robotics and digital security, our VRCORE-TRAINING samples impressed visitors and distinguished guests alike.

This event was sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ASME President, Tom Costabile, was blown away by V3’s demonstration.

We are honored to have been invited to such an important event. Virtual Reality training is rapidly becoming the gold standard for situations that require hands on training in less-than-ideal circumstances. Our VRCORE-TRAINING solutions better equip participants for real-world scenarios than any classroom training session ever could. We’re so proud to be on the forefront of VR training, and are excited to play such an instrumental role in helping our clients use this powerful technology to reach their goals.