Introducing V3CONNECT™

American companies are facing a workforce crisis. The lack of skilled workers and diversity in STEM education has created a dire need for businesses to connect with students about potential talent pathways in a way that is real-world, relevant and meaningful.

That sounds great, but WHAT HAPPENS WHEN…

  • Students can’t physically get to a job shadow?
  • Or a business can’t be in 20 places at once?
  • How many potentially high-performing candidates never learn of the opportunities available to them, even in their own communities?

So, how do we solve this problem?

Here's what we know:


Students tend to be highly receptive to receiving career education from individuals working in their fields.


Businesses need to educate students about various careers available to them after graduation.


That education needs to be personalized and engaging, such as through job shadows, internships, career days, and similar direct connections.

Gamifying talent pathways Through Immersion

Virtual Reality (VR) meets young learners where they are and uses the power of total immersion to create a direct and lasting impression. There is no better time to have such an accessible, effective and technologically-advanced tool available to the next workforce generation.





makes it possible

Through our V3CONNECT™ program, we bring talent pathway experiences to schools seamlessly, sharing your story and attracting talent directly at the source, regardless of geography. Our approach removes barriers for underprivileged and underserved areas, delivering equal opportunity through immersive technology.


How it works


Corporate partners work with the experts at V3 to develop an initial, customized “Day in the Life” experience, sharing their mission, vision and products in a meaningful, relevant and immersive way.


Via our proprietary platform, V3 adds corporate partner content to V3CONNECT™ kiosks in VR career labs located at high schools and universities across the state.



Student participants sign in at the kiosk, using their V3CONNECT™ account. The headset activates and takes the participant through an exciting and engaging experience module designed to connect them with each partner’s unique story.


At the end of each module, the participant will be asked if they’d like more information on this career path, seamlessly bridging the gap between experience and real opportunity.


Through V3's thoughtful, academic evaluation & iteration process and the infinite possibilities of the Metaverse, the opportunities and content will continually grow.

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