The New Face to Face of Sales

Virtual Collaboration



Recently, the disastrous economic effects of the pandemic uncovered how important it is for sales teams to be with their customers, having meaningful conversations. Without this, a company, economy, or country may not survive.

V3CORE Sales exists to restore the ability of sales teams to communicate with their customers once again. By harnessing the power of VR and combining that with the ability to share experiences in VR through the internet, V3CORE Sales gets you in front of your customer again – safely.

Connect with your Customers

Contact and interaction is the primary goal of V3CORE Sales, but the secondary goal is to provide a best-in-class platform on which to demonstrate products and solutions.

Affordable + advanced
In order for this to be effective for our clients, we’ve structured V3CORE Sales to be extremely approachable from a financial standpoint and worry-free from a technology/hardware standpoint. You can start with a very robust baseline set of features or branch out to create a more custom experience for your customers. Regardless you’ll be equipped with a hardware kit complete with your company’s branding.
V3CORE Sales
Baseline Features

Secured Network Sessions between customers and sales teams

Select from pre-constructed beautiful hyper-real environments

(1) Product CAD import/conversion

Interactive Hotspots placed on model for additional exploration

Teleportation feature for moving around virtual environment

further customization is available upon request

V3CORE Sales

Virtual reality Kit

VR Kit Includes:

•  (2) Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets and controllers

•  Company-branded hardware case, labels, and instructions

•  Cellular hotspot

•  Tech-approved sanitary wipes

•  Ruggedized shipping case*


*We still recommend shipping the case within an additional container for added protection and security.

V3CORE Sales hardware and software are fully supported for the life of the agreement.

Want to see more?

Seeing is always believing. And we’d be happy to show you. We have in-person demo capabilities at our Indianapolis-based Experience Center or if you prefer a virtual demo that can be provided as well.