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Magnetic Sales Presentations

VisionThree’s VR for Sales is paving the way for a new, innovative, and better way to sell for the Aerospace Industry. It’s unique, innovative, memorable, and effective. All of our sales environments integrate your brand; creating a lifelike experience in a virtual world. Although each experience can be different, traditional sales measures like presentations, panels, and displays still exist – just in a much more interactive way. It is the perfect vehicle to visualize hyper-complicated and often extremely costly components and systems. Whether viewing the interior cabin, flight deck, propulsion system or airframe, the is approach is guaranteed to be unlike anything that’s been done, and guaranteed to leave an impression.

  • Business interactions unlike any others – goodbye Zoom!
  • Creates impactful and memorable sales presentations
  • Customized virtual environments for your company’s brand

Interactive Product Demonstration

VisionThree has created a way to overcome obstacles that standard sales meetings present. With VR for Sales, you can dive into a new world of selling that is invaluable for Aerospace. Often the solutions you offer your customer are too big, too small, or hard to demonstrate in traditional settings because of its complexities or cost. The immersive interaction in virtual reality allows for incredible, advanced visualization techniques, such as 3D product model explosions, real time cross-sectioning, and so much more that is otherwise physically impossible in the real world. VR for sales makes the impossible – possible.

  • Immersive demonstrations = remarkable interaction
  • Advanced visualizations techniques create a better understanding of products
  • Stylized environment creates engaged prospects

Multiple Locations, One Experience

You know how expensive air fuel really is! Using VR for Sales, you can be in completely different parts of the world, and still meet up in the same “physical” space with VR for sales. An intensely more personal and individual experience than a Zoom call, with the flexibility of physical distancing in today’s world. Virtual reality enables you to connect with prospects in a traditional manner, because it provides the feeling of being in a realistic space through three-dimensional environments and sound – while never leaving the office.

  • Meet with anyone anytime regardless of real world location
  • Reduction in travel expenses and shipping costs
  • More personal and welcoming environment than a Zoom call

Instant Competitive Advantage

From the Wrights' famous first flight at Kitty Hawk, to Richard Branson piercing the atomsphere 50 miles up, Aerospace has always created some of the most innovative and ground-breaking technologies. VR for sales gives you a definitive advantage on your competition, because it means your brand is setting itself apart as a trailblazer of innovative technology. We always knew we were going to the moon. It was just a race to see who gets there first. Give your brand the credit it deserves with VisionThree’s VR for Sales.

  • Sets up your brand as a leader of innovative technology
  • Immediate competitive advantage against others
  • Focuses brand image on tech-forward thinking

Premium Onboarding + Deployment

We know your time is valuable! That’s why, as an option, VisionThree can handle the heavy lifting of integrating VR for Sales into your organization. In addition to our included technical support, Premium Onboarding and Deployment (PODs) is V3’s way of guaranteeing you that we’ll be there every step of the way. Included with PODs is a personalized dry-run setup prior to each sales session, the handling and logistics of shipping and managing VR headset kits, and having real-time support during every sales meeting to resolve any potential issues.

  • V3 handles all logistics so you don’t have to
  • Customer technical support for every VR partner
  • PODs optimizes meeting volume + value by handling logistics and technical aspects
V3CORE Sales hardware and software are fully supported for the life of the agreement.

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The team at VisionThree understands there is a lot of information out there pertaining to virtual reality and its use in sales. We’re here to help you learn, understand, and distill myth from truth. If you’re interested in learning about evolving your sales strategy and bringing your organization tremendous value, please schedule a demo today!