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Even before a pandemic struck the globe, the need to re-invent training was there.

Outdated methods of slide decks and exhaustive e-learning sessions were in desperate need of replacement. The answer lies in the immersive and risk-free nature of VR Training. Only we didn’t stop there. It’s not financially or instructionally beneficial to create groups of one-off training experiences. There needs to be a scalable foundation on which to build entire training curriculums for organizations. And that led us to develop V3CORE Training.

Proven Methods

Studies have repeatedly shown that training in a highly immersive, hyper-real VR environment is both more efficient and remembered more readily. It essentially results in a better, faster way to train.

Retention Rates


VR Training after 1 year


Traditional Training after 1 week

Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of Miami’s Children Health System, told Fortune that using VR in training results in a retention rate of up to 80 percent one year after training, compared to 20 percent just one week after traditional training.

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So…faster, better, but what about cheaper?

The networked session ability of V3CORE Training allows users to train together in the VR environment without the need for real world co-location. In many cases, both the reduction of travel expenses and the reduced need to ship equipment to training sites have very significantly affected the cost of training. But that’s only the beginning… 

V3CORE | Training

*New features continue to be added through roadmap and customer feedback

Advanced Explosion of Complex 3D Models

Procedure-Based Learning

Realtime cross-section view

Teleportation within the space

Secure Networked Sessions

Audience Camera for Still and Video Capture

Online Content & License Management

Training Session Scheduler

The benefits of training in VR are widespread.
Most benefits stem from the fact that VR is not limited by the constraints of the real world. So things can be done that are otherwise impossible. Trainees can be placed in situations too dangerous to attempt in real life. And products and concepts can be taught magically in limitless fashion.
V3CORE Training
Case Studies
Breaking away from the legacy training traditions, Siemens Low Voltage U.S. innovates their curriculum with VR for their channel of customers. The immersive nature of VR provides an otherwise impossible way to achieve product familiarization in a safe and risk-free setting.


Rolls-Royce pioneers innovation once again. This time for their aviation business. This completely immersive trip into VR allows technicians to meet up with a Rolls-Royce instructor in a virtual hangar, regardless of real world geography, to take part in an engine familiarization course. Audiences of all levels of understanding are finding huge benefits in this remote training that has really come into its own during the pandemic.

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The team at VisionThree understands there is a lot of information out there pertaining to virtual reality and its use in training. We’re here to help you learn, understand, and distill myth from truth. If you’re interested in learning about evolving your training and bringing your organization tremendous value, please connect with us today!