VR Training

A New Way to Learn for a New Future

virtual collaboration

Train together. Anywhere anytime, in the virtual space regardless of real-world location.

faster training

Experiential learning means more efficient training reducing downtime.

increased retention

Information gained in VR is recalled more clearly and retained longer.

Why VR Traning

The way we work is changing – so should the way we train for it. Virtual Reality integration is the next big training revolution. Early adopters are already seeing the intense value in key performance areas such as skill competence, job efficiency, fewer accidents in the workplace, and reduction in overall training costs.

Virtual Collaboration

Companies continue to make costly sacrifices in order to train their employees. Increased dependency on training managers, expensive on-site facilities, and travel adds downtime that limits the amount and availability of training to those who need it. Training with V3CORE allows instructors and students to coexist in the virtual space without the need to co-locate in the real world.

Faster Training

Efficiency is everything. Those who can train their workforce better and faster have a distinct advantage. Virtual collaboration allows trainers to travel to different parts of the world before lunch. Rather than wasting time rebuilding/resetting the physical components of training modules, training scenarios can be reset at the touch of a button.This allows trainees to rapidly repeat multiple areas of their training curriculum as compared to those same situations in the real world.

Increased retention

Sometimes we remember what we hear, but every time we remember what we do. The immersive nature of VR training carries so much value to those using it. 3D virtual reality environments far surpass the capabilities of flat, virtual meeting sessions via Zoom or Teams. The nature of experiential learning improves knowledge retention because trainees feel like they are performing these activities.

V3CORE Training
Case Studies
Breaking away from the legacy training traditions, Siemens Low Voltage U.S. innovates their curriculum with VR for their channel of customers. The immersive nature of VR provides an otherwise impossible way to achieve product familiarization in a safe and risk-free setting.


Rolls-Royce pioneers innovation once again. This time for their aviation business. This completely immersive trip into VR allows technicians to meet up with a Rolls-Royce instructor in a virtual hangar, regardless of real world geography, to take part in an engine familiarization course. Audiences of all levels of understanding are finding huge benefits in this remote training that has really come into its own during the pandemic.

Retention Rates


VR Training after 1 year


Traditional Training after 1 week

Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO of Miami’s Children Health System, told Fortune that using VR in training results in a retention rate of up to 80 percent one year after training, compared to 20 percent just one week after traditional training.

– Sourced from Fortune.com

VR Training


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